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☾ I block for many reasons, it’s my experience and I believe everyone should block whoever they want for whatever reason

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Highlighted= Talk about a lot!!/Major Interest Currently

Diabolik Lovers
Love Live!
Twisted Wonderland
☾ Deresute
Vanitas no Carte
☾ Boku no Hero Academia
Kuroko no Basket
Tears of Themis
☾ Show By Rock!!
☾ Pokemon
☾ Free!
☾ Soul Eater
☾ Danganronpa
☾ Haikyuu!!
☾ Sailor Moon
☾ Higurashi
etc. (myanimelist)

☾ Monster High
☾ Villainous
☾ Hazbin Hotel
☾ Helluva Boss
☾ Percy Jackson
☾ Doki Doki Literature Club
☾ Homestuck

☾ cosplay, pastel goth, goth and steampunk fashion/aesthetic, astronomy, performing arts (dancing, theatre), vampires, graphic design, gore and horror, josei muke, magical girls, space aesthetic, plushies

My all-time ultimate forever favorite fictional characters! They mean the whole world to me, no matter how much time goes by

Other faves


Comfort Characters ♡

Comfort Ships ♡

Comfort Shows/Franchises ♡

Helluva Boss
Diabolik Lovers
Love Live!
Kuroko no Basket
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Wotakoi)
Monster High